2012 - Master Degree of Architecture [Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona]
              Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. ETSAB - UPC
               PFC. Master Thesis: Social Transducer in Mataró, Barcelona
               Tutors: Domingo, Mamen; Roca, Estanislau; Moya, Lluís.

  2012 - Course: Ecohabitat
              Patrimoni, teoria i pràctica
            Reciclar, regenerar, rehabilitar
            speakers: Galindo Gonzalez, Julián; Jornet Forner, Sebatià Andreu

  2011 - Seminar: Architecture and Antropology (Arquitectura i Antropologia)
            Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. ETSAB - UPC
              speakers : Llorente Díaz, Marta; Tapada Berteli, Teresa; Pujades, Juanjo; Calatrava, Juan; 
                                Cucó, Josep.

   2010 - Seminar: Inmigración, vivienda y ciudad (Immigration, housing and city)  
               speakers: Almirall García, Pilar; Nel·lo, Oriol; Alabart, Anna; López, Cristina; de Torres, 

  2008-2009 - Exchange Scolarship in Erasmus programm [Istituto Universitario di Architettura di   
                       IUAV - Laurea specialistica di Architettura per la conservazione.

  2007 - Course: Lloc Arquitectura [Place&Architecture]
            El lugar, los lugares
            Les nostres coses
             No traje traje
            speakers: Moreno Mansilla, Luís; Pigem Barcelò, Carme; Martínez Santamaría, Luís

 2006 - Laboratory: Form and Consistency
             Working on the knowledge of Form, and it intern rules.
            Tutor: Joaquim Español
            Blog: [LLAB_Form&Consistency]


        About me: 

Ability to listen and to learn. Interested on the aproach between architecture and the real life of people.
I enjoy work in a team atmosphere as well as i am self confidence to take decisions. 

Experience in all phases of a project: urbanistic analysi, conceptual ideas,  hand and  computer dessign,  
model making (conceptual and presentation models), constructive  details and  presentations. 


Spanish: Mother Tongue;    Catalan: Mother Tongue;    English: Fluent;    Italian: Fluent

Professional EXPERIENCE

     2012 -  Preliminary designs for an interior reform. Carrer Dos de Maig nº 5, Mataró [Barcelona]

     2010-2012 Collaborator in Victor Blanco studio

               -[2010-2012] Two Unifamiliar Houses Project. Carrer Rial Pascual, Arenys de Munt [Barcelona]
               -[2011] Interior Reform Project. Carrer Sant Pau, nº 8, Arenys de Munt [Barcelona]
              -[2011] Preliminary designs for a little house among trees. Arenys de Munt [Barcelona]
              -[2012] Extension and Garden Project for an unifamiliar house. Arenys de Munt [Barcelona] 

2010 - Research Collaborator at ANC [Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya]
              In conection with Projectation course
              Tutor: Muntañola Thonrberg, Josep Maria.
              Blog: [Redrawing history]

     2009 - Ideas Contest. Hammam in New Gourna [Egypt].
              Organizer: Catedra Hispalyt. 

     2009 - Model maker for PFC. Master thesis 

     2007-2009 - Collaborator in SLÄ studio

                -[2006-2008] Collective Housing Project. Camí Ral nº 213, Mataró [Barcelona]
                  2008 Finalist on Puig i Cadafalch prizes.
                 -[2007-2008] Collective Housing Project. Carrer Vista Alegre nº 31, Mataró [Barcelona]
                 -[2007-2008] Collective Housing Project. Carrer Doctor Ferran nº 51, Mataró [Barcelona]
                 -[2008] Unifamiliar House. Carrer Vista Alegre nº2, Mataró [Barcelona]
                 -[2007] Third Prize on a public contest: Sports Hall in Cabrera de Mar [Barcelona]
       2005-2007 - Projects Department assistant ETSAB 
                          Colaborator on research and management of Graphic Archives in ETSAB.
                         Focused on the Architecture of first half of the 20th century in Europe.
                            tutors: Pouplana, Xavier; Piñón, Helio.

       2007 - Ideas Contest Finalist Square+Market in Argentona [Barcelona]
                   Organizer: Residents Assosiation of Argentona

       2006 - Theatral atrezzo assistant

       2004 - Shop window designer at clothes store
                   C&A store